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Vehicle Explosives Search Training

We regularly organise various courses for our employees. In this course, we focused on the search for explosives (primarily) in vehicles. The whole course lasts 8 hours and graduates will learn what kind of IEDs are used in Europe, how to find them, identify them and how to proceed. The course also includes a practical part where all graduates have the opportunity to try and find real (delaborated) IED systems that we have installed on our company vehicle.

The course is prepared by our instructor who has been working for our company for the last few years as a Residential Protection Commander in countries in the Middle East and as a Close Protection Team Leader in war zones. In the past he has, among other things, trained security personnel at embassies in war zones.

All of these new courses are open to any RED HAWK GROUP employee from any position in the company. With this new approach, we want to enable anyone who is interested in growing professionally and improving their skills to move forward.