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At Night Watch, we focus on providing quality physical and electronic security, reception management and cleaning services.

We realize that the first thing your visitor will see is our security guard or receptionist at the entrance to the building. That’s why we select employees to represent your facility. Our guards/people/staff must make a good impression on your clients, greet all newcomers in a friendly and professional manner, and speak several world languages. We will ensure the security of your property at night with the help of regularly trained and physically fit guards.

Thanks to our own digital IRIS system, which monitors every step of all our guards, we offer a quality and cost-effective solution for physical security and reception services.

  • This unique software platform collects all logs, walk-around points and guard movement around the facility.
  • The data is categorized by artificial intelligence developed by us and based on the rules, it automatically alerts our employees what needs to be done and when.
  • This system monitors each employee’s non-standard practices and alerts them in real time with a phone call. The system will then oversee the remediation fully autonomously.
  • Thanks to the technological edge and human-machine cooperation, all our employees strictly follow the set rules.

We keep nothing from our customers. Through our customer intranet, you can check real-time data about your facility at any time and from anywhere. You will see all logs, patrol photos, keys borrowed, visits, patrol times and lengths, and even which particular guard is currently on shift and whether he arrived on time. All clearly from any computer or smartphone. Through the app, you can communicate directly with the guards on the premises in real time and add comments to their entries.

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