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Our Brands and Industries

The RED HAWK GROUP is active in the physical security industry and the development of defense and security technology and software since 2011. Our mission is to provide the highest quality in the security services with the help of top experts, war veterans, technology and advanced AI-based software. The group of these companies is located in the European Union.

Putting our focus on changing the entire security industry.

premium security service provider


RED HAWK SECURITY focuses on providing the highest quality security services anywhere in the world.

The company based in the European Union provides services to inbound clients from other parts of the world, but it also provides services to the citizens of the European Union anywhere in the world.

The company specializes in providing premium executive protection services to corporate clients, residential protection of highly profiled facilities, risk management and travel risk management. At the same time, the company also provides special security operations, such as the extraction of key people and assets from war zones and penetration security audits.

Sokolovska 428/130, 186 00  Prague 8

phone: +1 347 756 4424

Cost-effective physical security for office buildings


Thanks to our own digital system IRIS, which monitors every single step of all our guards, NIGHT WATCH can offer our customers a high-quality yet cost-effective solution for physical building security and reception services in Czechia nad Slovakia.

The company focuses on providing quality physical security services in the so-called first line and digitizing all other parameters of services and company management. Therefore, our customers do not pay for overstretched middle management, but only for the excellent security guards they encounter on their premises on a daily basis.

Jicinska 226/17, 130 00 Prague 3, CZ (EU)

phone: +420 228 811 158

We create defense and security technologies for a better and more secure world of the future.


NORTH STONE focuses on the development of advanced technologies using artificial intelligence and deep learning. The developed products are intended for the defense and security industry.

The company’s main segments are first-line security automation, protection of soft urban targets from terrorism, and the use of drones and drone swarms in the defense and military industries.

Jicinska 226/17, 130 00 Prague 3, CZ (EU)