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IRIS – Monitoring the activities of guards at high-profile sites

Since time immemorial, various systems have been used by security agencies, the military and the police to record what is happening on the premises or in the guarded area. The system of books and handwritten records has survived to the present day, where the guard at the end of his shift writes down everything that has happened in a paper book that remains permanently on the premises and can be consulted by the customer and his superiors at any time.

It is amazing that this system has lasted until 2020, when even young children can use modern phones and tablets and describe what is happening around them digitally (including photographs) on social media in almost real time.

We do it a little differently
Since 2012, we’ve been developing our own solution, which we call IRIS, which is similar in many ways to social networks like Facebook and Instagram. For guards, supervisors and our customers, this system is available online as an app for Android, iOS or as a web app accessible from almost any device anywhere in the world.

Customer area of the intranet
Guards record everything that happens on the premises in real time. Which means there are no delays and the responsible persons in our company or the customer’s service contractors can react immediately to the problem. Often this happens even before the customer reads the relevant email in which our IRIS system describes the problem.

The guard can attach photographs to each entry so that the entire finding does not have to be described in a complicated manner.

But the similarities with social networks don’t end there. For each alert, the guard, facility manager or even the customer can add a comment to interactively communicate with the person at the incident site. It is thus possible to ask for specific details or request, for example, a photo from a different angle. The customer does not have to waste time on phone calls, dictating e-mail addresses and then waiting to see if and in what quality the photo or a better description of the incident will arrive.

In addition, all these minutes and comments are stored on our cloud server, where it is possible to return to them at any time in the future and evaluate the individual actions of the security guard, us as a service provider, or even the customer’s employees who are in charge of communication with the security agency. All records can be searched in detail.

Part of IRIS for guards
All alerts also have a “tag” system that allows incident notifications to go out to different, pre-set emails. Thus, information about incoming mail can be received directly by the management assistant, a broken key in the lock is received by the building maintenance person, and information about a malfunctioning access system is immediately received by the contractor’s technician. Thus, the system does not send notification emails to all parties, but always only to the specific persons who need the information.

But a paper book costs only a few crowns…
Yes, but our customer intranet is free for our customers for every (even the smallest) order.

Cloud services are hard to trust
Trust between us and our customers is the most valuable thing we can have in our industry. That’s why you can rest assured that we will never share your data with anyone (which, by the way, we confirm with an NDA clause in every contract). We protect your data against unwanted leaks using end-to-end encryption, where all data is encrypted not only along the path between the server and the end device, but also directly on our server. So only you and the guard you are communicating with can actually see the data in unencrypted form.