Security for EU citizens anywhere in the world. Security for clients from all over the world in Europe. At Red Hawk Security, we provide premium physical protection services for important people, employees and your loved ones. We are based in Prague and Amsterdam.

We take care of complete travel risk management from A to Z:

  • We can help you plan your trip, arrange hotels, private aircraft or helicopters.
  • We will arrange for you the reconnaissance and preparation of your destination for your arrival.
  • We arrange transportation in luxury vehicles with highly trained drivers.
  • We also specialize in the security and management of residences, buildings and high profile facilities.

We also focus on special security operations such as evacuation and extraction of key people and assets from areas affected by war, terrorism, political instability or natural disaster. We will provide armed escort of valuable or government property.

Red Hawk Security’s expertise will help you identify gaps in your current security measures and develop an action plan to improve the overall protection of residences, buildings, warehouse sites and manufacturing facilities.

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